Another Vehicle Damaged Off of Rock Creek Church Rd

Accident in front of 3674There are many ways to get the weekend off to a good start. This isn’t one of them.

Last night, about 9 or 9:30 (I wasn’t looking at my watch, but things weren’t cleaned up until 11:15 or so), two cars were playing Grand Theft Auto in the Petworth/Park View area. The lead car was followed by a jeep.

Collision detail 1What initially alerted us that something was up were squeeling tires down the street. I don’t know when this started or where, but I do know the final leg of the journey.

The jeep, chasing the car, tore west on Quincy to Warder. The vehicles then went south on Warder (remember, this street is a one way north street), to racing east on Rock Creek Church. Upon getting to the intersection of Park Place, the car veered right and hauled it down the block, then ran the stop sign and continued down Park Place.

Collision detail 2The jeep wasn’t so fortunate. It attempted to make the turn, lost control and popped the curb into the park. Inexperienced youths being what they are, they overcompensated and drove the jeep out of the park and into a parked vehicle.

Upon impact, they jumped out of the jeep and scattered like roaches — one running west on Rock Creek Church and the other running south on Park Place. Accident damageCan you believe that. Just fleeing the scene, leaving the jeep running and in the middle of the road.

The passenger was apprehended, but the driver wasn’t. Living up to every definition and connotation of Punk known, the youth was long on attitude and short on information, refusing to divulge anything relevant to the chase or accident.

The police are still attempting to verify that the vehicle was stolen and looking for the driver.


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