Park View Neglected? — Hardly, But There is a Lot of Work to Do.

InfrastructureI’ve been reflecting a lot about the dialogue some Park View residents have been having with Mayor Fenty of late. I think, after walking the neighborhood, the alleys with the Mayor, and reflecting on the state of things, I’ve finally decided that the City is not necessarily neglecting the neighborhood.

Case in point, the southeast corner at Princeton and Georgia avenue is getting new sidewalks and a handicapped accessible ramp, new streetlights are being installed at that intersection, Georgia Ave. has made it to the Great Streets initiative, and Park Morton may have a devloper in line to redevelop the site by July.

Can the City do more? Absolutely. Can they do it all? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

misbagged-trashOne of the biggest beefs that folks in the neighborhood have right now is trash in the alleys and on the streets. I agree, it is annoying and there needs to be work in this area. The garbage trucks hit the neighborhood quickly, and many times not everything makes it in, or even stays in, the truck. The city does need to work on this.

On the other hand, and something I don’t see people working on, is appropriate garbage disposal. Evertying from disposing of household trash in public cans, to putting trash out days before and leaving cans in the alley, to not properly bagging the trash to begin with, all contributes to the  problem.

public-trashUntil residents are willing to become part of the solution there is no hope of solving this problem. The city can do their part, but they cannot solve the it without the active participation and assistance of the people they serve.

For my part, I’m going to keep my eyes open, and numbers on speed dial. The solution has to start somewhere.


One Response to “Park View Neglected? — Hardly, But There is a Lot of Work to Do.”

  1. I think the city needs to start indoctrinating (for lack of a better term) school kids in disposing of their trash. It’s unfortunately not considered a bad thing to throw your trash on the ground. Just like smoking, I believe behavior can be changed through outreach and public service messages.

    For city issues, I would not hesitate to call 311.

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