Another Day in the Park

Enjoying the parkNot more the 18 hours after a couple of teens joyriding in a jeep careened into the reserve at Rock Creek Church Rd & Park Place and then into a parked vehicle, the nature of the park completely changed.

Saturday afternoon, a father was playing catch with his son, perhaps helping him get in some needed practice for little league.

Sunday,  I was particularly transfixed by what I believe to be a father, his son, and two of his son’s friends, as he put them through their paces. It was like a mini boot camp. He had them race, do push ups, skip down to him and back, and other routines. He was tough, caring, and encouraging.

I found both instances to be very refreshing and something I haven’t seen enough of. I also like that the reserve has become a place where fathers and sons can bond and create some lasting memories.


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