DC Reportedly Ending Auto Safety Inspections

dc-dmvBruce Johnson of 9NEWS NOW reported yesterday that they had learned that mandatory auto safety inspections will end next fiscal year for DC vehicle owners. According to their report:

Sources close to the DC Council confirm that when the fiscal budget for next year is marked up this week, legislators will have eliminated the $400,000 needed to run the Safety Inspection program.

Mayor Adrian Fenty had proposed ending the safety inspections. Maryland and many other states do not require them. Virginia requires annual safety inspections.

Federal law requires that all vehicles be given emissions inspections every two years.

Truth be told, I’m not convinced that safety inspections really do a lot of good and I really hate the hassle of not passing because I have a taillight that’s out. So in this regard, I’m all for it. I also have faith that any vehicle that is truly a junker probably won’t pass emissions anyway.

All that said, I think there are always going to be vehicles on the road that aren’t safe. Perhaps by freeing up city resources from focusing on this, the roads can be made safer in other ways.


One Response to “DC Reportedly Ending Auto Safety Inspections”

  1. […] know there’s been some scuttlebutt that safety inspections will cease, but until they do, I’m glad it was as painless as it could be … and that I […]

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