Pastors Protest Council’s Same-Sex Marriage Decision

marriage-rallyHere’s a surprise <please note sarcasm>, African-American pastors rallied at Freedom Plaza yesterday to protest the D.C. Council’s decision earlier this month to give preliminary approval to legislation that would recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere in the country. Approximately 150 people turned out to denounce support for same-sex marriage in the District.

Truth be told, there is a bit of surprise here, and that is that this protest hasn’t come sooner. I’ve never understood how people don’t see the civil rights aspects of this issue. Its repugnant to insist that others agree with your own moral point of view. While I think its noble to believe in something, to attempt to dislodge or discount the beliefs of others is invasive and intrusive. Let it go, already.

Perhaps the final insult, and sinking to a new personal low, Council member Marion Barry, who was a co-sponsor of the council bill to recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere, told the rally that he now opposes the bill. Give me a brake.

The Post has video of the events that you can watch here>>


One Response to “Pastors Protest Council’s Same-Sex Marriage Decision”

  1. Over the River Says:

    Marion Barry says he is (now) against same-sex marriage because “I am a politician who is moral.”.

    He is a sad old man.

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