Chinatown/Penn Quarter Getting Multi-Space Meters

multi-space-meterAccording to a DDOT press release that was issued late yesterday, DDOT place to install 101 multi-space meters in the Verizon Center/Theatre District area of town. These meters will replace 845 single and double space meters currently in use. The new meters should help ease the pain drivers have been experiencing with not having enough change to meet the new parking fees that just went into effect.

Read the entire release after the jump, including streets and blocks impacted.

From DDOT:

(Washington, D.C.) – The District Department of Transportation is finalizing installation of over 101 multi-space meters in the downtown area and areas along Connecticut and Wisconsin Avenues. Residents and visitors to these areas have noticed the small silver boxes popping up along the sidewalks over the past few weeks. These are the bases installed prior to the final installation of the green multi-space meter cases. Multi-space meters are currently located in a variety of neighborhoods throughout the District including Adams Morgan, Capitol Hill, Southeast, Southwest, Georgetown, Columbia Heights and along K Street in northwest. The next phase of installations are taking place in commercial areas near the Verizon Center and the theatre district as well as Wisconsin Avenue in Glover Park and Connecticut Avenue in Cleveland Park. Thirty-one of these new multi-space meters near the Verizon Center will be activated and ready for use on Friday, May 1st.

The District Department of Transportation manages approximately 17,000 spaces governed by parking meters. There are currently approximately 16,000 single-space parking meters deployed in the District. The current electronic mechanisms were first deployed in 1998 and were a vast improvement over the mechanical meters that came before them. The meters offered better timing and the use of electronic hand held devices to monitor and record repair and collection activities. Beginning in 2004, the Department began a program to upgrade these meters with newer next generation electronic mechanisms. This program continues today along with the conversion of some areas to multi-space meters.

Crews will begin removing the obsolete single and double space meters in the following areas starting this weekend and over the next few weeks. A total of 101 new multi-space meters will replace 845 single and double space meters in these locations:

· 300-900 block 7th St NW

· 500-800 block H St

· 400-800 block 6th St NW

· 600-1400 block E Street, NW

· 600-1400 block F Street, NW

· 1300-1400 block Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

· 500 block 8th Street, NW

· 500 block 13th Street, NW

· 400-500 block 12th Street, NW

· 3300-3400 block Connecticut Avenue, NW

· 1700-2400 block Wisconsin Avenue, NW

Additional meters will be installed along Constitution Avenue and the Downtown Business District in early summer 2009.

The multi-space meters are user friendly and require only a few steps to operate. The face of the machine features a digital display, providing users with transaction information, including time of day, amount of time purchased, and expiration time. When parking in a multi-space zone walk to the nearest pay station and either deposit coins or insert your credit/debit card for payment. When you obtain the time you need, you press the green button. The pay station will print out a receipt showing the amount paid, the date, and the expiration time. Simply place the receipt on the passenger side dashboard of your car.

The multi-space meter is a solar powered device used to manage multiple parking spaces within a one block area. Installed and operated by (DDOT), it works regardless of weather conditions and its two way communications immediately alert DDOT of any malfunctions.

For more information about the DDOT parking program visit the newly updated parking web page at


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