Petworth Pizza Challenge: Pete’s Pizza vs. Moroni Brothers

As we head into the weekend and think about relaxing and kicking back, I have to ask, what’s your favorite pizza in DC? Two choices in Petworth go head to head.(Contributed by Wayan Vota: Belly Button Window


4 Responses to “Petworth Pizza Challenge: Pete’s Pizza vs. Moroni Brothers”

  1. I *love* Ella’s. It might be a problem.

  2. scottahb Says:

    I have to disagree with the little girl. Pete’s Eggplant on the Edge of the Woods pizza is AWESOME (and I don’t normally like Eggplant).

    Pete’s serves New Haven style pizza – which means the crust is crispy, sometimes burned, and the sauce is thinner and sweeter. I went to college in Connecticut – I miss New Haven style pizza, and Pete’s will always win for me.

  3. Moroni’s may be good in the store but I just waited an hour and a half for a cold pizza the size of my left hand. That cost 25 dollars with tip. and took ten minutes of frustration to order. For delivery – just don’t.

  4. Ella’s is great in person, but they don’t deliver. And Jess, you’re right, Moroni’s delivery is hit-or-miss. Best is in person as well.

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