Then, and Now, and Future: Park View Commercial Corner

intersection-of-georgia-ave-and-new-hampshire-park-viewThen: Photographed in March, 1965, the southwest corner of Georgia Avenue and New Hampshire, NW. The Store on the corner is the Orchid Dry Cleaners (Historical Society of Washington, Emil A. Press Slide Collection, Buildings at the intersection of Georgia and New Hampshire Avenues NW, #PR 1086A).

southwest corner of Georgia and New HampshireNow: This lot has be vacant since Metro initiated construction for one of its final Metro stops in the original plan, perhaps longer. The Georgia Ave./Petworth Metro, across the street to the north, began service on September 18, 1999.

proposed-park-view-cvsFuture: A rendering of the proposed CVS for the location. As reported at PetworthNews yesterday, construction is scheduled to  begin late this fall, with the store expected to open in late spring of 2010.


4 Responses to “Then, and Now, and Future: Park View Commercial Corner”

  1. […] In addition to the building being 10,000+ square-feet, I’ve also been able to confirm that the structure will NOT have a drive through, and that the rear of the building will be landscaped (as in, the dumpsters will not be in public view). You can also see what this cite looked like in 1965 at my earlier post. […]

  2. The site of the 1965 photo is incorrect, as I recall that old Dry Cleaners on the NE corner of Georgia and New Hampshire where the Metro entrance is now, note canopy, as the previous building on the SW corner where the pharmacy will go up, note an old 3 story building there according to a mid century photo taken there by John Wymer.

  3. Kilroy Says:

    You know, after looking at this long and hard, you are absolutely right! If you have a copy of the Wymer photo you can send me, I’d love to fix this post. If not, I’ll look for a copy so that I can correct my error. Thank you for your keen eye and memory.

  4. The Wymer photo can be found at the DC Historical Society Library in the Carnegie Library at Mt Vernon square under Petworth, I think it’s dated either 1949 or 1950.

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