Rat Patrol

DC Rat PatrolFollowing up on information and contacts I obtained during the Mayor’s visit to Park View, I called to set up an appointment for the alley on my block to get inspected and treated for rats.

I was encouraged and surprised by the speed of the service. We had an inspection in our alley last Saturday. I was pleased that it wasn’t just lip service. The entire alley was examined and offending rat burrows were treated when possible.

Department of HealthWhat was most disheartening to me is that the major problem with the rats isn’t the rats themselves. They are merely taking advantage of citizens’ bad behavior. While treating the rats is necessary, the real cause of the infestation is improperly stored trash, junk strewn about the back yards, and overgrown grass and landscaping.

To that end, the rat patrol made it clear to residents that they were present. When they weren’t able to contact an owner directly, they left a notice on their door.rat-notice


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