The Things You Hear …

SinksI was at an architectural salvage place over the weekend and was able to walk out with two great items.

The first was three Lacava porcelain shelves for 85% off (they list for $305). What a deal!!!!

The second occurred when we were checking out. As were were waiting a gentleman staggered in with a clearly swollen and bruised nose. Without being asked, he said: “You want to know how I got this nose? I was at a client’s house and she came on to me. I said no, so she decked me.”

This left the counter help, and us, looking at each other in a daze … until one of the staff uttered: “Wouldn’t it just be easier to admit that he got drunk, passed out, and that a shovel hit him in the face as he was falling?”

Man, I gotta love a place with attitude!!


3 Responses to “The Things You Hear …”

  1. Were u at community forklift??? I was there too from 430-500pm! grabbed some wood to make raised veggie beds. picked up enough wood to construct over 50 sq ft of raised beds all for under $10!!!! amazing!

  2. Kilroy Says:

    I know. The Forklift is great. Its the cheapest of the three around (if you count Baltimore) … but all three are hit and miss. But hey, when you strike gold, why question it.

  3. Over the River Says:

    While we are talking about it…

    Habitat for Humanity has two reclaimed building material stores (Habitat ReStores) in the Washington metropolitan area, one in Brentwood and one in Gaithersburg, with others around Maryland. There is one in Northern Virginia (southern Alexandria) and others around the state.

    Their Web site is:

    ReBuild Warehouse in Springfield Virginia also sells reclaimed building materials.

    Their Web site is:

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