Balustrade Question

washington-rowhousesI have a bit of a dilemma that I thought I’d open up to the group. I have a row-house not dissimilar to the ones at right. My house, however, is NOT attached to the row it matches, but rather to the row around the corner.

Here’s my dilemma. I took off the balustrade because it wasn’t original and it was rotting away. Now, this summer, I get to replace it.

After looking at historic photos, and observing what is left in my neighborhood, I’ve discovered I have three choices. (If only I’d found a photo of my house).

Do I:

balustrade fretwork

1) Create a balustrade with a fretwork design in the spans? This is on the houses around the corner from me, and looks like it was in every other house in my row.

2) Create a diamond design in the balustrade … this was what was originally on my neighbors house, although none of the houses in the row have their original balustrades anymore:balustrade diamonds

or, 3) Use a combination, which is what is on the house in the photograph above?balustrade-comboAs I’ve said, none of the houses near me have their original balustrades anymore and I can’t find a picture of my house, so this frees me up. According to the photos, all three would be correct.


2 Responses to “Balustrade Question”

  1. Over the River Says:

    Is child or pet safety an issue? Will it ever be?
    Will the house ever need to pass an inspection?

    Most local building codes follow the national code which calls for a maximum opening of 3.5″ (no object 3.5″ or greater in diameter can pass through the balustrade)

    I like the diamond design, but I always liked the design shown at the following link:

  2. Use whatever you want that turns your porch roof into its own porch as well. Then put out chairs and a beer fridge and invite me over

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