D.C. Council Approves Recognition of Same-Sex Marriages

The D.C. Council voted today to give final approval to legislation that recognizes same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions. The issue now goes before Congress, which has final say over the City’s laws.

Not surprisingly, the vote was 12-to-1, with former Mayor Marion Barry casting the lone opposing vote. He called it an “agonizing and difficult decision” that he made after prayer and consulting with the religious community.

While I’m pleased with today’s outcome, two things still bother me.

1) That Congress still has final say in City matters, and,

2) That Marion Barry thinks for one moment anyone could mistake him for a moral compass.


3 Responses to “D.C. Council Approves Recognition of Same-Sex Marriages”

  1. As a native Washingtonian who was in college when Marion Barry was arrested (the first time) I thought that I had suffered every indignity of embarrassment from Marion Barry. Nope, I was wrong.

  2. Over the River Says:

    He may be more of a relic then the 1940 Cadillac.

  3. Ya to the Council!

    I feel that marriage is the best institution our society has to create stable
    and productive communities – I’m so pro-marriage, I’m already on my second one!

    In fact, I hope that the District will soon allow gay marriages as well.
    That way, my wife and I will not be accosted by the sights of playful single
    gays as we load diapers in the car. We want all people of the District to have
    the right to be as bored, frustrated, and annoyed with a loved one as those of
    us with legal spouses.

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