Each Day Starts With a Smile

Mr. WingoLately I’ve taken to reading The Express. This is not so much due to the scope and depth of its coverage as it is to Mr. Wingo, the man that hands them out at the Georgia Ave./Petworth Metro station. There is hardly the day that he isn’t there to great everyone with a smile and the offer of a free paper.

I talked to him briefly the other day, and found out that he’s been handing out the Express since he retired 9 months ago. A true people person, he said he’d go crazy without something to do. I can certainly understand that … I go crazy if I have 4 hours without anything to do.

What I like most about Mr. Wingo (assuming the name on his badge is correct), is that he doesn’t just hand out the paper. If there is an escalator problem, he alerts you. He wished you a great day whether you take a paper or not. If you want to take a moment of his time, he gives it freely. He truly makes it difficult to enter the Metro without a good mood.


2 Responses to “Each Day Starts With a Smile”

  1. Coleman Says:

    I have declined the Express enough times that Mr. Wingo doesn’t extend it to me anymore. But I gotta say he seems like a nice guy.

  2. scottahb Says:

    I have a similar place in my heart for the Express guy at the Columbia Heights Metro and at the Capitol South metro, where I usually get on in the mornings. I feel bad for the guy hawking the Examiner, because he’s so obviously playing second fiddle.

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