Park View/Petworth CVS: A Few More Details

proposed-park-view-cvsLast Thursday, Petworth News announced that CVS had signed a lease with LaKritz Adler for the property they will be developing at the intersection of  Georgia and New Hampshire Aves.

I received the following release today, which is similar to the one posted last week: “LaKritz Adler is pleased to announce that we have signed a lease with CVS to bring a new 10,000+ square-foot neighborhood pharmacy to the Parkview and North Columbia Heights communities at the corner of Georgia and New Hampshire Avenues.  The CVS will break ground in fall 2009 and open for business in late spring 2010.  LaKritz Adler would like to thank Councilmember Jim Graham for his overwhelming assistance in helping get this important Ward One gateway site redeveloped.”

In addition to the building being 10,000+ square-feet, I’ve also been able to confirm that the structure will NOT have a drive through, and that the rear of the building will be landscaped (as in, the dumpsters will not be in public view). You can also see what this cite looked like in 1965 at my earlier post.


2 Responses to “Park View/Petworth CVS: A Few More Details”

  1. SueDoc Says:

    In 100 years, the entire first level of DC will be one giant CVS. Ibuprofin will be on Capital Hill, potato chips will be in Trinidad, and that selection of tacky assembly-required furniture (seriously, who buys furniture at CVS?) will be in Georgetown.

  2. So no parking at all, then? Great! I hate asphalt, but sadly that means we’ll have way too many double parkers on NH Ave

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