Update on the Looking Glass

Looking Glass LoungeBack on April 13th, I posted that Looking Glass Lounge had posted that they’d applied for a zoning change, from Restaurant to Tavern.

Last night, at the Park View UNC meeting, owner Matt McGovern spoke to the residents in the neighborhood about his intentions with Looking Glass (LG).

As it turns out, he doesn’t want to change much with LG. The zoning change has to do with the percentage of food vs. alcohol served. For a restaurant license, 45% of a business sales need to be in food. LG has not been able to make that quota, and apparently, neither did Temperance Hall.

It was at the suggestion of the ABC that McGovern applied for the zoning change. A Tavern license has a much lower percentage of food sales per alcohol, and is well within their current business.

As for the Entertainment Endorsement with Deejay, etc. … its an all or nothing deal. McGovern is exploring the feasibility of a weekend brunch and wants to have the option to have live jazz or other suitable music. He is not interested in cover charges, deejays, or dancing. They just all happen to be part and parcel with the Entertainment Endorsement.

My suggestion would be to introduce yourself to McGovern next time you’re at LG if he’s around. Tell him what you like about the place, and what you would like to see. He struck me as someone that is truly interested in knowing how things are going and being a positive part of the neighborhood.


2 Responses to “Update on the Looking Glass”

  1. The booze/food ration is the same thing that happened to Dos Gringos on University Blvd. in Tempe, that forced them to move to the other side of campus (away from a church).

  2. Well if LG had decent food…

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