Visit From the Census Bureau

bureau-of-the-censusI found this odd. Last Saturday, I had a visit from a member of the Cenus Bureau. As I answered the door, she showed me her badge and read off a statement.

She then proceeded to ask me how many people lived in the house next to me. I answered that it was a single family home cut into four units, with the owner living in one of them. She then thanked me, and left and went back to her car.

What I found so odd is how targeted the question was. I assume the official attempted to make contact with my neighbor first. She was home. Some of her tenants were home. But as there are no door bells or any other way to signal the occupants that someone is at the door, I’m not surprised that she was unable to talk to anyone there.

I’m equally curious how this information is going to be used, or even what would cause a site visit to verify the number of occupants at an address.


4 Responses to “Visit From the Census Bureau”

  1. Over the River Says:

    I think this raises a concern as the Census Bureau prepares for the 2010 census.

    The Department of Homeland Security (I am being very civil in calling them by their “real” name) has enlisted meter readers, housekeepers, nannies, repair persons, and any numbers of others to spy on homeowner’s by looking (while visiting customers) for guns, potential explosives, and anything else that could possibly be used for an armed insurrection against the motherland.

    I can see now a meeting with census takers looking like something for “The Day the Earth Stood Still”.

  2. Its more benign. They want to talk with owner-residents. Tenants don’t count, so a home with tenants is not a “single family home” and therefore not what they are looking for in the hood. Yet they have to look at specific homes for accuracy reasons, which is why she couldn’t ask you.

  3. I like benign.

  4. Over the River Says:

    I like benign too. I am sure I you are right, I just take any opportunity to malign the DHS.

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