You Don’t Need a Museum for Great Art

As I’ve mentioned before, I used to work in a couple of our art museums. One thing I miss is the ability to go down a flight of stairs during lunch and roam the galleries.

The Whale WatchNow, working over on K Street, there isn’t as much art … or should I say, there are different opportunities. I think there are a few more monumental statues for me to visit in Farragut, McPherson, and Jackson Squares. But there are still opportunities to see art now and again if you keep your eyes peeled.

All AstirFor example, as I walk down K Street from the Metro, I walk past the lobby for Winston & Strawn, LLP, at 1700 K. Their lobby is large, cold, and modern. It also has two large works by Frank Stella in it.

I thought I would share them here. The first is a lithograph titled ” The Whale Watch” from 1993. The other is a large steel sculpture titled “All Astir” from 1990.


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