Nonprofit Raises $1 Million for National Mall Restoration

jefferson-memorialWJLA reports that the Trust for the National Mall has raised more than $1 million in private funds at an event last night. To date, the group has raised $4.5 million in private funds for restoration efforts since its formation in late 2007.

I find this validation that the Mall is important to Americans. It is important that it be in good repair so that it can be enjoyed by the millions that visit it each year. It is important that visitors are free to focus on the beauty and reflect upon the events that are memorialized by the structures there, rather than remember sinking sea walls, muddy paths, and less than adequate infrastructure.

I was furious when money for the Mall was removed from the initial Stimulus bill because there were those on the Hill that didn’t think it was appropriate for that kind of bill … only to turn around and approve that money under another bill. If Mall restoration were to rely entirely upon the Federal Government to do the right thing, it is doubtful it would ever get done. At least with public money coming in, there is a chance that the National Park Service will finally get the support they need to do the job.


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