Oh No! — Mosquitoes!


BAD NEWS! — Mosquitoes are back.

Good news — they are currently only the garden variety, not the dreaded Asian Tiger.

If I could single out one life form to completely eradicate on this planet, it would be the bloodthirsty mosquito. I know this would probably completely upset the ecosystem, but I loathe these creatures the way Alaska loathed the Exxon Valdez.

Fortunately, so far I’ve only seen our native mosquitoes — you know, the ones that come out at night and don’t cause me to swell up like the Michelin Man.

Still, I know its only a matter of time before the invasive, non-indigenous, hated, Asian Tiger will show up, ruining what is left of my outdoor pleasure.

So, word to the wise, get out and enjoy what are sure to be our final enjoyable outdoor days this spring!


2 Responses to “Oh No! — Mosquitoes!”

  1. Weakling! AT’s separate the true porch-goer from those who only martini. Stand fast on your house deck, be not afraid of the swat, and embrace the true sign of summer!

  2. Kilroy Says:

    I just get really, really tired of spraying myself with cans of off. By August, it gets to be a bit much. We have a really bad swarm down here.

    But you’re right, if I focus on the Martinis, perhaps I won’t notice them.

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