Porch Culture with a Twist

porch-mealAs anyone who lives in the middle to upper alphabets will tell you, there is a porch culture that is not present in other parts of the city. It is mostly  because older D.C. homes weren’t typically built with porches.

But with Wardman, Kennedy Bros., and other builders’ introduction of brick row homes with ‘modern’ conveniences, among the innovations were front porches on many of the homes. This change occurred roughly around 1914-16.

It is not uncommon to find folks in the evening sitting on their porches and enjoying the evening, especially now that the weather is warmer and before the dreaded Asian Tiger mosquito returns.

Recently, we had a spontaneous porch gathering that included nothing but middle aged adults. I was more or less hit with the social obligation when I got home and was asked to start making the martinis. As I was coming out with the first drinks, more folks had arrived and it took a while before I could sit down and enjoy my olive garnished friend.

As I reflected on this event, it struck me that I’m sure it was something a bit off from what you generally see on my street. Usually, you see two or three generations on a porch and beer might be present.

Trading in the dirty diapers for dirty martinis in stemware seemed to me to be an interesting twist on a decades old tradition.


2 Responses to “Porch Culture with a Twist”

  1. You need to get up to my block. Its beers, kids, and dogs every day from here to the first snow. Martinis are nice, but not like beer + lime + ice.

  2. Kilroy Says:

    Hey, I’d be happy to shoulder the load by switching porches/streets every other week!!!

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