Retail Kiosks in Metro Under Consideration

metro-mapI caught in the Post that the Metro Board will be taking up the issue of retail-in-stations issue again later this month. While this was first looked at three years ago, this time they are seeking authorization to solicit proposals for food and drink — althought the ban on food in the system would remain in effect and have to be consumed outside the system.

The stations that are being considered are Anacostia, Fort Totten, Gallery Place-Chinatown and Metro Center in the District; King Street, Rosslyn, Vienna/Fairfax-GMU and West Falls Church in Virginia; and Branch Avenue, Glenmont, New Carrollton and Shady Grove in Maryland.

My only concern is with space. I do enjoy all the vendors when I walk the corridors of New York’s subway, and would like something like that here. But where would you put it. There isn’t a lot of space at most stations, thus the handful of stations selected. I’d really hate adding this feature to stations if it prevented the already tight flow of people trying to get to or between trains during peak times.

Being able to get a shoe shine or pick up flowers would be great … and I can definitely see some services being good fits even in the limited space.

I guess time will tell, but as one of the many people that use the system extensively week in, week out, I’m all for more service if the space allows.


One Response to “Retail Kiosks in Metro Under Consideration”

  1. Since the Vienna Metro is my station, I’m all in favour of this — there’s space enough if planned right. What I really hope they’ll do, though, is add a mailbox. It would be SO convenient to have one right there …

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