Mothers’ Day …

Mothers dayNormally, one thinks of Mothers’ Day as a low key event where you perhaps spend time with you mom, maybe send her a card or flowers, or at least take a moment to give her a call.

I’m sure plenty of that went on yesterday. To the extreme, one of my neighbors had a family feast complete with music provided from the car across the street. Again, perhaps a little much, but still in the spirit of Mothers’ Day.

On the other hand, the day started out with another neighbor storming out of his house screaming at his mother “I hate you. Shut the F*ck Up!” … etc., etc., only to return later in the day and be the perfect angle to his grandmother.

cuffedAnd to round out the day, I saw more police action and arrests than I have in a long time. Perhaps it was a result of the first nice weekend without rain in many days or the need to avoid contact with our mothers through the use of alcohol, who knows.

From two men getting arrested at Georgia Avenue and Hobart Street to a couple of guys being hauled out of a bar in cuffs on U Street near 13th, there certainly seem to be no shortage of business for MPD.

What can I say, I’m glad its over. I’m also glad that it made my conversation with my mother seem like a slice of pure heaven.


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