Police Checkpoints Callenged Again

dc police checkpointsOn Friday, the Partnership for Civil Justice appealed an earlier court decision before a three-judge panel on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. Though they haven’t made their decision yet, according to the Post’s coverage, the judges seemed skeptical of the Districts arguments.

The checkpoints were intended to prevent drive-by shootings. Drivers had to prove to police that they were residents or provide another “legitimate” reason before being allowed to drive into the a neighborhood.

I’m hopeful that checkpoints will be not be taken away from the MPD’s arsenal of crime fighting methods. Having experienced these checkpoints first hand, the officers were professional and didn’t violate any civil right that I am aware of. If the court does rule that checkpoints are too invasive, they’ll be making a serious mistake.

Many people perpetrating crimes in the City aren’t doing so in their own neighborhoods, or don’t even live in the city to begin with. Case in point, when my truck was hit a few weeks back from youths joy riding in a stolen Jeep Wrangler, the one teen they caught turned out to be from Southeast, and I live in Northwest.


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