DC Master Plan for Pedestrian Safety Released

DC crosswalkMayor Fenty released the final version of the City’s  Pedestrian Master Plan yesterday, and I say its about time.

From the Master Plan, many of the recommended designs and countermeasures will be included in future large recontruction projects, and include such measures as enhanced crosswalks, curb extensions, median islands, and relocating bus stops.

You can read the full DDOT press release here>>

Crossing  many of our streets is becoming increasingly difficult. That said, I don’t think the pedestrian plan completely addresses all issues related to pedestrian safety.

While I think its sweet that they city embraces the concept that pedestrians have as much of a right to the road as cars, when you pit a human against a car, the car always wins. The intersection my my house is a horrible place for pedestrians, even if it didn’t make the top ten list. I frequently see cars accelerate to bet a changing light, or better still, lay on their horn an just run the red.

Just because a pedestrian has the law behind them and they were in the right, that doesn’t really do them any good when they are under the car that was in the wrong.

I’m hopeful that this master plan will make a difference, but I’ll still be watching my back.


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