Lost Washington: Crandall’s Joy Theater

Crandall's Joy TheaterAccording to Shorpy where this image has previously posted, the Joy opened in 1913 and was generally simply referred to as Crandall’s, after owner Harry M. Crandall. This image is ca. 1920.

The Joy, located on the southeast corner of 9th and E Streets, NW, was Crandall’s springboard to the top of the Washington movie ladder. He spent $25,000 to build the Joy in what had been a four-story building that housed a haberdashery. The floor was red concrete and sloped to the front so that it could be flooded every night after the theater closed. It was believed that a complete flooding would keep the theater absolutely sanitary.

Seating was about 450, the Joy was in operation only until 1924, when it was converted back into retail space.

The Joy was part of a string of theaters located on the 400 and 500 blocks of 9th Street which included Moore’s Garden Theatre, shown in the above photograph to the right of the Joy. You can read more about Moore’s in this earlier post.

The entire block has been razed and replaced by new structures over the years.

2 Responses to “Lost Washington: Crandall’s Joy Theater”

  1. I am surprised at the lack of trees in this photo. Also, do you think its brick or pavement on the road.

  2. It looks like both to me, but I’d have to download the TIFF version to be sure. It clearly looks like brick where the streetcar tracks are, but pavement everywhere else.

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