Medians Coming to New Hampshire Avenue

I am so excited to report that today I saw the start of what (hopefully) will become a tree-lined median in the middle of New Hampshire Avenue quite soon. During a mid-day run I found these three DDOT planners painting construction lines on the pavement.

New Hampshire Avenue is to have a raised island median from Georgia Avenue to Grant Circle, and in this median will be trees. Yes, small trees at first, but soon enough, towers of green shade to cool what is now a sea of asphalt.

I am still shocked that during one ANC meeting I went to, a resident along NH Ave actually was against the threes, saying they would cut down her visibility and increase car accidents. I’m thinking that trees would both quiet the car noise and slow cars down before they commit vehicular tree slaughter in Grant Circle.

The only people against this median would be the churches that would loose center-street parking for their Maryland parishioners, but so far I haven’t heard them object. Do you?


2 Responses to “Medians Coming to New Hampshire Avenue”

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