Rock Creek Market Coming Soon

Rock Creek MarketWe now know the name of the store coming to the site of Rock Creek Church Rd & Warder — Rock Creek Market.

This confirms what I learned earlier about it not being a chain, but rather, an upscale convenience store. Although, if they are calling it a “market” I’m not sure convenience store will be an apt description either. I’ll keep folks posted as they get nearer to opening.Rock Creek Market


5 Responses to “Rock Creek Market Coming Soon”

  1. Is this store being run by the owners of the last store or has it changed hands since the fire? Just wondering!! Thanks

  2. Its been my understanding that it will be under new management (for the store), but I can’t confirm that right now. I think the owner of the building is the same.

  3. Rock Creek Church Rd Resident Says:

    The owner of the building is the same. The previous tenant has moved on to greener pastures. I am excited, as the store was not the most desireable before the fire.

    But, whatever it is, I’m betting that those nice open windows will be covered with some sort of bars. It might be necessary, but it sure is ugly.

  4. Bill C. Says:

    That would be great to have a viable corner store there. But keep in mind the only way for it to go ‘upscale’ and stay that way is with support of the community. Please shop there whenever possible. I use the 5th and Shepherd store as often as I can. For example, I decided to make it my beer store. If I buy beer, I buy it there.

  5. Excellent point, Bill. You are right. These businesses do need community support, and by selecting even one item that you will buy there and no where else it can make a huge difference.

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