Have an Opinion on Parking? Here’s Your Opportunity to Be Heard.

grahamIf you live in Ward 1 and are concerned about public parking, you may consider attending a public hearing scheduled for May 20th focused on that issue.

According to an email distributed by Councilmember Jim Graham, the hearing will focus on visitor parking passes, parking restricted to Zone 1 stickers only, and the issue of delivery vehicles double parking.

Graham’s full email follows:

On Wednesday, May 20, I will chair a public hearing on two bills that I authored to improve curbside parking.

One bill would expand two successful neighborhood parking pilot programs.

· In Columbia Heights we protected parking on one side of residential streets. This parking only for residents with Zone 1 stickers or visitor passes. This has received a positive response from Columbia Heights residents.

· In Mount Pleasant we recently started a visitor pass program. Every household gets a pass. The passes can be used for guests, contractors, babysitters, etc. The initial response in Mount Pleasant has also been positive.

My bill would expand both programs throughout Ward 1.

The public hearing on May 20 is an opportunity for you to comment on these ideas and whether they make sense for your neighborhood.

A second bill deals with loading zones. I have heard from many residents that there are too many double parked vehicles clogging our roadways and blocking our bus stops.

I introduced this bill to make sure we have the right size loading zones and the right enforcement against those who double park.

Of course all of this depends on having enough staff to do parking enforcement. That is why I have increased funding for parking control officers in this year’s budget. Dozens of new parking control officers will be hired specifically to enforce new parking programs like these.

If you wish to testify in person or in writing, here are the details:

When: 11:00 a.m., Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Where: Council Chamber, John A. Wilson Building, 1350
Pennsylvania Ave NW

Contact: Maria Puig-Monsen, 202-724-8095, mpuigmonsen@dccouncil.us


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