Park Morton Presentations Have Merit

Park Morton planTuesday night, the three developers that are interested in developing Park Morton presented their plans to the community and interested parties at the Armour J. Blackburn University Center, Howard University. The presentation materials are to be publicly available later, and I’ll point readers to them when they are. Development of the community to date can be found here>>

There was a decent showing for a location that really isn’t that accessible from a mass transit perspective. Each developer was given about 20 minutes to deliver their proposal, and at the end, the forum was opened up for questions.

The first presenters were made up of the Warrenton Group, the Landex Companies, and Wiencek & Associates.

The second presentation was spearheaded by Adrian Washington of the Neighborhood Development Company, and the third was dominated by Pennrose Properties with FM Atlantic and Harrison ADAOHA.

All three generally did well, but I think the first presenter’s plan has an advantage. What they had that the other two didn’t is they’ve secured the block of 3400 Georgia Avenue and are able to include that in the scope of their project. This gives them more area to build on, allowing for lower density, and no structures above 4 stories.

The other two developers are not including this land, and have 4 ½ and 5 story structures in their proposals. I’m concerned with the density of these two plans.

Overall, the crowd was enthusiastic for the first and third presenters, but seems at odds with some of the social programming outlined by the second.

There was also great concern — as there should be — from the current Park Morton residents on how re-locations would be conducted and the size and amenities of the new structures.


3 Responses to “Park Morton Presentations Have Merit”

  1. Rock Creek Church Rd Resident Says:

    This is great news! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’ve just learned that there is an article about this meeting in the Washington Business Journal at

    There is an inaccuracy, however, in that they’ve listed the wrong businesses that may be impacted on the 3400 block of Georgia Ave.

  3. […] should be a close copy of the presentations held May 12 at Howard University. You can read my earlier post to get an idea of what they are […]

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