Then and Then and Now

Hopkins-Miller house, Dupont CircleThen: The Hopkins-Miller house, south side of Dupont Circle between Connecticut and Massachusetts Avenues, NW. Front facade, ca. 1890. The structure was a double house, Hopkins on Massachusetts and Miller on Connecticut.

Dupont National Bank buildingAnd Then: The Dupont National Bank building ca. 1925. The bank building replaced the Miller house in 1912. You can just see  the Hopkins house to the left of the image.

Suntrust DupontNow: The bank is still there but now is a Suntrust. The Hopkins house and other residential homes near the bank have been razed.

The bank building was built at an estimated cost of $50,000 and featured a complex design of different colored bricks with granite trim and a clay tile roof. TheInTowner has a more complete history that they published on Dec. 8, 2008. As for me, people who read my earlier post on painted brick buildings know that it is something I completely disagree with. The thought of a multicolored and sophisticated brick design under bright yellow paint makes me cringe.


One Response to “Then and Then and Now”

  1. I think painted brick works for rowhouses. As much as I do like rowhouses I find blocks that solely consist of drab brown Wardmans very dull and unappealing. Add some color and it can enliven the block.

    However with distinctive buildings like those in your picture I would not favor painting the brick.

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