North Columbia Heights Green Coming Soon

North Columbia Heights Green siteAt last nights ANC 1A meeting I learned of a new park/green space coming to the Columbia Heights/Park View area. Steve Coleman of Washington Parks and People presented a project to the assembled of a green space that is planned for the center of a block, in an area bordered by Sherman Ave., Park Rd., 11th St., and Lamont St.

Plan of North Columbia Heights Green

Plan of North Columbia Heights Green

The total cost of the project is projected to be $140,000. The land has cost $40,000 so far, and there are high expectations that the remaining money will go toward cleaning up the property and developing the park.

The timetable is immediate, in that work can commence as soon as all approvals are given.

Coleman stated the the project was recently written about in the InTowner, and you can read that article here>>


2 Responses to “North Columbia Heights Green Coming Soon”

  1. Whaa?! How did this homeowners luck out with what will become their (mostly) private park? Nice if I had an investment property on that block.

  2. […] of Park Road and Sherman Avenue are in the midst of getting a new community space. Back in May 2009 it was learned that a new park was coming to the center of the block surrounded by Sherman, Lamont, […]

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