Signs Something May be Amiss at the Office

There are days when the Lion’s share of my job includes calling vendors to try and figure out what an invoice is for, why it hasn’t been paid, and who was actually supposed to be billed for it to begin with.

Yesterday, I got a call from a company I didn’t recognize. That was the first red flag. I returned the call, asked to speak with the contact name I’d been given, and was placed on hold.

At the time I thought it was ironic that the music I had to listen to while on hold was the theme music from “The Office.” Now I ask you, if you were an employer or business, would you choose that for your music to share with customers? It doesn’t instill confidence. If you recognize the music, as I did, you know that the show is about a horribly mismanaged office that, for the most part, employs people that probably couldn’t get a job anywhere else.

So, at the time, I just thought it was a poor choice of music … but then I finally got a copy of the bill. It wasn’t for me or my department. It had nothing to do with us … SO … I guess the music was apt after all, and the sad thing is, they probably aren’t even aware of it.



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