Warning! Street Sweepers Initiating Tickets Improperly

Street sweeper camI wanted to alert folks to pay attention to the tickets being generated through the use of the street sweeper cameras. I received a ticket last week for parking in a completely VALID AND LEGAL section of road during a street cleaning day.

Now I’m all for the parking crackdown that was announced last week where we found out 12 of the City’s street sweepers would be outfitted with cameras, but I refused to have the sweepers photographing and ticketing vehicles that are legally parked.

As you can see from the details of the bogus violation below, this event occurred in front of 3696 Park Place, NW.Bogus Parking CitationHere are the two problems with this:
1) There is no such address in DC. Park Place runs the length of the border between Park View and the Old Soldiers’ Home. The numbers only run as high as 3674, and

2) This section of road does not have parking restrictions due to street cleaning. The sign right next to the vehicle is below.

So take heed. Just because you get one of these notices in the mail does not necessarily mean you were illegally parked. Before you pay, double check that you were in the wrong.004

3 Responses to “Warning! Street Sweepers Initiating Tickets Improperly”

  1. Always check parking tickets – Always! Any error makes them void. You have two. Take photos and mail in. These errors are so bad there isn’t even a need to go in to fight it.

  2. Trust me, I’m not rolling over and taking this. When it comes to a matter of principle, I’m like a dog with a bone!

  3. […] Doesn’t Pay to Fight the City Back on May 18th I posted my frustration that the street sweeper had come along and due to operator error, issued me […]

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