Rock Creek Church Rd Traffic Getting Attention

Accident Rock Creek Church RdI learned today that MPD will be taking enforcement action along Rock Creek Church Road, NW, over the next few weeks.  DDOT is also looking into more long term solutions per direction from the Mayor. Action may include a police cruiser or a speed camera set-up.

As anyone that lives along Rock Creek Church Road can tell you, vehicles frequently travel well over the speed limit and this has caused several accidents due to blind corners and sharp curves. The area between the intersections of 5th Street, NW and Illinois Street are particularly bad.

The light at 5th Street does anything but calm traffic, as yellow means step on it. In fact, I watch people run the light on a daily basis, one driver going so far as to merely lay on the horn to let people know he was coming through.

I’m hopeful that this will lead to some long term results rather than just be a temporary patch to calm neighbors’ outrage.

3 Responses to “Rock Creek Church Rd Traffic Getting Attention”

  1. the totten. Says:

    this is good news. i hope it helps. people drive completely unacceptably on this road. They tail gate me in my car and often almost run me off the road when i’m on my bike.

  2. anxiousmodernman Says:

    Totally agree with these measures.

  3. […] Creek Church Road Speed Being Monitored As I posted on May 19th, MPD has finally decided to respond to complaints that speeding has gotten out of control on Rock […]

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