Update on Pocket Door Conversion

Pocket Door hardwareSo far, on the current pocket door conversion I’m working on (yes, there will be another … no rest for the obsessed), things are progressing well. The new hardware arrived, and looks like it will work perfectly. I chose the hardware from the House of Antique Hardware, not because it was expensive as some would accuse me of (again, it isn’t that expensive when you price it out), but because of the dimensions.

I searched a lot of vendors looking at hardware that was both attractive, sympathetic to character of the house, AND the correct measurements to accommodate the dimensions of the old doors original hardware. This set works well and you’d never know that the door ever had different hardware when I’m done.

Pocket door conversion after stainingI was also able to finish sanding the door and get a new coat of stain on it. By nature, I’m a lover of natural wood and tend to avoid stain, but all of our original doors have a mahogany stain. I think they’re ash, but haven’t confirmed that yet.

If you’ve ever attempted to refinishing anything from the early Twentieth Century that has a mahogany stain, you’ve already learned two things: 1) Mahogany bleeds, and no matter how hard you try, it continues to bleed. You can never get it all out, and 2) You will have to re-stain whatever it is you are refinishing.

So, since we aren’t lovers of mahogany, I chose and English Chestnut stain. It still has a red tint, but is less harsh than the Mahogany.

I’ll post again then the door is further along.


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