Scurlock Captured Spirit of Washington

Like a lot of great things sometimes, I stumbled upon a great photo archives owned by the Smithsonian on the work of Washington photographer Addison N. Scurlock. The National Museum of American History currently has an exhibition of his work that runs through February 28, 2010.

From the National Museum of American History Archives, it states: Addison Scurlock and his sons spent much of the twentieth century photographing leaders, luminaries, and local Washingtonians. From the original Scurlock Studio on U Street to the Custom Craft Studio and the Capitol School of Photography, the Scurlocks’ imagery was viewed and shared by thousands of people.

I really liked the three portraits posted here. The dress really struck me, as did the poses. Scurlock’s work really captures life in Washington during the mid-twentieth century.

Full length female portrait, unusual costume and headpiece(Two more photos after the jump)
Female figure, full length, in unusual costume with headdress2Full-length female portrait, in unusual dress and headpiece with intricate bead work

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