After Waiting Years, We Are Finally Getting Our Heavy Up!!!

Pepco Heavy Up noticeJust when I thought it would never happen, it looks like we’re finally going to get our Heavy Up! I’m so excited if I shouted they’d hear me in Australia.

There are two things you need to understand. 1) When we moved into our house, nothing, and I mean nothing, had been updated in a good 50 years. Some of this was good, some, not so good. 2) We closed on the house just over two years ago.

Normally, when you get Pepco to up your electrical service from 60 amps to 150 amps, its not that big a deal. That said, we applied for the Heavy Up in July 2007 and are only now notified of impending work.

As my partner has said, its a good thing I have a desk job, because this has taken two years of phone calls and emails to stay on top of this and help get to this stage.

Power box ready for Pepco 7/16/07The chief problem has not been that Pepco was against us having more power. Rather, it has been that the power lines for our block are buried in the alley … and I happened to have been lucky enough to buy the only house on the block that does not abut the alley.

So, Pepco needs to dig up the alley, and two streets, to bring the power around the block and to the house. Right now, I think I’m the only one on my block that is going to be happy about this.


2 Responses to “After Waiting Years, We Are Finally Getting Our Heavy Up!!!”

  1. You and me both! I waited 2 years for my heavy up too. Good news, I got my heavy up a couple months ago, but they disconnected my meter. I wonder how many months of 0 kwh until they realize their mistake.

    I guess with all the time I waited they are giving me free electricity out of kindness?

    The Pepco crew that came out to my house were extremely professional, and did good work. I asked them not to tear up and pave over the brick sidewalk (that’s their normal policy) and they had no problem putting the bricks back down.

  2. I have to say, for the most part, the Pepco folks I’ve been dealing with have been professional and easy to deal with. I think the snag has been 1) permits with the city, this is a big project, and 2) last time they costed it out, it was at $165,000, which was coming out of their pocket.

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