Progress on New Hampshire Ave. Medians

More photos from Wayan Vota on the installation of the New Hampshire Ave. medians from the Georgia Ave/Petworth Metro to Grant Circle.

It looks like the medians will have grass and trees … if 4 inches of dirt is all that’s needed to support the grass. For a moment I’d thought that perhaps some areas would be bricked, but the bricks I saw must have been for the curb areas.

New Median Construction in DC

New Median Construction in DC

On a side note, Wayan also noticed that the trees that were planted on January 8th of this year were outfitted with water bags yesterday.

New Median Construction in DC


4 Responses to “Progress on New Hampshire Ave. Medians”

  1. Actually a few of us are trying to make sure that medians have trees in deep soil, but no grass. The vision is much and plants in the median, accenting the trees.

    Not sure when the already-planted tress got bags, I just happened to take the shot to show that grass is not the optimal ground cover there.

  2. @Wayan: The tree water bags were yesterday. You happened to catch them withing hours of installation … as they weren’t there in the morning when I hopped on the Metro.

  3. Only 4 inches of soil? I’ve never been accused of having a green thumb but that doesn’t sound right…

  4. 4&I you are right – 4 inches is way too little, so we’re trying ot get the city to dig a bit deeper for us.

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