Work to Begin on 14th Street Bridge

14thstbridge_bgFollowing up on the April 30th announcement that DDOT was planning to start construction on the 14th Street bridge is the release below that work will commence this coming Wednesday.

It was reported that Virginia is up in arms because they feel that they were not given adequate notice of the planned renovation. To that, I say two things:

1) This bridge is entirely withing the District. It is the District’s responsibility to repair, and the District has to pay for it. When Virginia coughs up some cash, then we can talk; and,

2) I suspect that stimulus money may be involved. If so, that would explain why the 14th Street Bridge, the 9th Street Bridge, and Chain Bridge are all happening at the same time. Also, if this is the case, the District notified Virginia as soon as they knew work would begin.

The announcement is after the jump.

Temporary Lane Closures and Preparations Start Wednesday, May 27, 2009

(Washington, D.C.) – Work is scheduled to begin on the northbound 14th Street Bridge beginning on Wednesday, May 27th.  Crews will spend the first three days of the project, during off-peak hours, preparing the roadway, restriping, and installing barriers in preparation of the lane shifts that will be part of the permanent traffic control for the year-long bridge rehabilitation project.  Temporary lane closures will be in effect from 10:30am – 2:30pm from Wednesday, May 27th – Friday, May 29th during this preparation stage.

For more details on the construction, including graphics showing the eight phases of work, visit DDOT is encouraging all commuters to go to this site and sign up for email or Twitter alerts so motorists can receive real time information about the bridge work.


2 Responses to “Work to Begin on 14th Street Bridge”

  1. Awesome. Glad you value pettiness over jurisdictional cooperation.

  2. @Matt!: I find your sarcasm delicious.

    Actually, if you can find out that the District intentionally withheld information from Virginia, then I will wholeheartedly support the point of view of our brethren across the river. With as disorganized as things can be in the City, it wouldn’t surprise me that Virginia was told at the earliest possible moment … and that was 1 month prior.

    The other question I have is if the reality of road work would change if there had been more than a month’s notice. Would Virginia’s response to repairs on the bridge be any different if they’d had 6 month warning?

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