Then and Now: 1314 9th Street, NW

The property at 1314 9th Street is one of the properties that, until recently, you walked by and said, “Wow, I’ll bet this would look great fixed up.” Fortunately, someone has done just that.

A reader brought to my attention that this was recently posted on Prince of Petworth, and the historical photograph from the Library of Congress’ collection was previously posted on Shorpy. Also, the renewshaw blog has been doing a nice job tracking the building during the past few years.

I thought it was time to bring all these parts together. As you can see from the images below, the structure hasn’t changed all that much since the historical photograph taken  ca. 1931.1314 Ninth Street, NW, ca. 1931

1314 9th Street, NW

This history of this property, however, is toying  with me. for the most part, I haven’t been able to find out much, which seems strange for a building that was part of the National Photo Company Collection. Generally National Photo Company images tended to have a purpose behind them.

What I’ve been able to find so far:

In July of 1919, the address can be found in an ad for Walsh & Chambers who were in the funeral business. Walsh & Chambers

If you look at the enlarged photograph from Shorpy, or download the high resolution tiff file from Library of Congress, you can see that Tom’s Lunch & Delicatessen was doing business there in the 1930s.

In 1969, the Salvation Army might have been operating out of part of the building. In the display ad below, the last half of the address is blurred, so it is hard to be sure without further investigation. If they weren’t in the building, they were clearly a neighbor.Salvation Army

The last item I was able to find was in 1986, when Cooper’s Restaurant was operating out of the building, as evidenced by the notice of imposed closure due to health code violations. Cooper’s was allowed to open again on July 16.Cooper's Restaurant health code violation 1986

Clearly there is more work to do to complete the history of this address.

The image below is the property prior to renovation.
1314 Ninth Street, NW


3 Responses to “Then and Now: 1314 9th Street, NW”

  1. Hi, Great blog. I’m one of the owners of 1314, and when we slow down with our remodeling we’re going to do some legwork (thanks to direction from Mari at inshaw) to find more history about the buildings.

    Thanks for what you offered- a funeral home…hmmm. I think Cooper’s was renamed Pik Chicken Restaurant, the tenant the previous owner evicted in 1990. The Salvation Army was in what is now (bebar) efn lounge, 1318, when I came to the area in 1987. From the oral history 1314 was a pool hall/gambling joint in the 60’s up to the riots, then was a disco called “The Jerk” for a few years. I have a few other old timers to ask as well before I begin record searching. I’ll keep you posted on what I find if you like.

    I found a 1925 help wanted ad for a tire chain salesman at Herman Chain Company, 1314 9th, but I think not NW.

    I too was wondering too why this photo was taken. Just cause they’re purty I guess.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Lisa, I was a little doubtful on the Salvation Army, but couldn’t read it well enough to know for sure. I’d love for you to let me know what you find. Its a great building, and you’ve done a service to the neighborhood and city by bringing it back so accurately.

    I think it is I that should tell you to keep up the Great work!!!

  3. […] Shaw – Some historical digging yields interesting nuggets about a renovated building on 9th Street, NW. [Washington Kaleidoscope] […]

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