Entrance of Park View Elementary Progressing Nicely

Park View Elementary Warder entrance closedI noticed that the work that began earlier this year on Park View Elementary, the historic school on Warder Street that is currently being used by Bruce Monroe, is progressing well.

The blue tarp that has been hiding/protecting the work site is now gone and it looks like the only thing remaining is to reinstall the stone stairs, terrace, and balustrade.

I’m including a few shots here to let folks know the current state of work.

I’ve yet to get an answer from Chancellor Rhee on what will become of the school. Repeated queries have not been answered.
Park View Elementary
Park View Elementary entrance
Park View Elementary


2 Responses to “Entrance of Park View Elementary Progressing Nicely”

  1. Is this school currently in use? When is the old Bruce Monroe school going to be demolished? It’s an eyesore!

  2. The Park View Elementary is currently being used as the temporary “Bruce Monroe” school. I haven’t been able to get an answer on what long term plans are for the school. Many in the neighborhood want it to remain a school.

    I couldn’t agree more about the Bruce Monroe school building. It should be razed. Among other things, I don’t believe schools belong on Georgia Ave. between Florida Ave. and Upshur. This has been, and should be, primarily a commercial corridor.

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