This Sculpture Intrigued Me

This public sculpture is located on the northwest corner of 20th and I Streets, NW, in front on the Monroe Building. I looked around the sculpture but couldn’t find a title or artist. While I do find the shapes pleasing, it was the patina that really caught my eye.

Does anyone know anything about this sculpture, or at least know where to point me to find out more for myself?

Scul pture


4 Responses to “This Sculpture Intrigued Me”

  1. Over the River Says:

    Information on the sculpture in front of the James Monroe Building, called “Solomon’s Gate”, by Washingtonian John Dreyfuss can be found here:

    More about Mr. Dreyfuss here:

    Winner of the National Sculpture Society’s coveted Margaret Hexter Prize and the Washington Square Exhibition Outstanding Award, John Dreyfuss is one of America’s premier sculptors. Educated at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and at Harvard Graduate School of Design, his works have received worldwide accolades, and have been exhibited at Hemphill Fine Arts, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the Kennedy Center, New York’s Fendrick Gallery, the Baseball Hall of Fame, and dozens of other galleries and public buildings. Many of Mr. Dreyfuss’ pieces, including “Solomon’s Gate” in front of the James Monroe Building, “Full Count” in the gardens of the Federal Reserve, Holy Trinity Church in Georgetown, and the Key to the Federal City in the Mayor’s Office, are permanent artifacts in Washington, DC. His studios are located in Georgetown.

  2. Thanks!!! Not knowing was actually driving me a little crazy. I’m thrilled that you were able to provide so much detail, and that the artist is local.

  3. Over the River Says:

    Thanks Kent. You gave me enough information in your post to do a Google search.

    I, as you, like the way the copper has aged. Did you see them nice and shiny in the photographs?

  4. I sure did! I still like the current patina, though. I’m partial to greens and blues to begin with, so I’m sure that’s part of it.

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