Then and Now: The Metropolitan Club

Metropolitan Club ca. 1922Then: Ca. 1922, the Metropolitan Club on the southwest corner of H and 17th Streets. At the time, the four story structure dwarfed the surrounding buildings.

Metropolitan ClubNow: While little has changed with the Metropolitan Club itself, the buildings around it now dwarf the club.

The Metropolitan Club’s Website offers this history: In 1863 at the height of the Civil War, the Metropolitan Club was established by six officials of the Treasury Department. Now, more than 145 years later, your Club includes distinguished members from all over the world.

The Metropolitan Club is one of Washington’s oldest and most valued private institutions. Since its founding in 1863, it has vigorously pursued its primary objectives of “literary, mutual improvement and social purposes.” Its proximity to the White House and other seats of American power has made it among the world’s most fascinating waypoints for local, national and international leaders, including almost every U.S. President since Abraham Lincoln. The Club’s unique location and dedication to the traditions of social civility provide its members with a convenient haven from the bustle of Washington business while offering the amenities of contemporary urban living.

The building, completed in 1908, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is also a District of Columbia historic landmark. Through the formation in 1998 of the Club’s Preservation Foundation, the protection and preservation of this historic building is now more assured.


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  1. where was original club of 1860s located? carol gelderman

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