Status of Reserves Along Rock Creek Church Rd, NW

City mowing reserve at Park Pl & RCCRFor those that live along Rock Creek Church Rd, watching the care and maintenance of the reserves has become a spectator sport (reserves are the smaller, triangular grassy areas created by diagonal streets).

What can be confusing is that most of these are in Petworth/Ward 4, and one is in Park View/Ward 1 … which means they are often, but not always, on different mowing schedules and those that aren’t too observant have voiced frustrations that one or the others of them have been missed.

Yesterday morning, the Ward 1 reserve (bordered by Park Place, Park Place, and Rock Creek Church) was mowed early in the morning, which worked out well since the rain came later in the day.

Another interesting item is that the very small reserve at the intersection of Illinois and 4th Street, NW, has been turned into a very attractive garden, as you can see from the images below.
Reserve at 4th and Illinois
Reserve at 4th and Illinois


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