This Date in History

May 29, 1926: A steady demand for residential property, and indications that this demand would increase as the spring and summer months advanced, was indicated by the report made by the office of D.J. Dunigan, Inc., of the recent sale of a large number of new homes in their Petworth operations.Petworth ca. 1920s


4 Responses to “This Date in History”

  1. Do you know when that photo was taken? As in how soon after construction. I am surprised at the number of sleeping porches that are enclosed, as there are a number still used as just porches.

    That and I am shocked by what is missing: trees!

  2. Wish I did. The information from the Library of Congress is that this image was taken sometime between 1920 and 1950. However, the automobile in the photograph is clearly from the 1920s, so I would date this image to be no later than 1930.

  3. Any knowledge of the particular location in Petworth?
    The homes apparently were the work of Morris Cafritz, who developed many of the homes.

  4. Right now, I have no clue on the exact location … and its kind of driving me a little nuts. If/when I find out, I’ll definitely share.

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