Artomatic: Take Me To Your Leader

Artomatic 2009If Artomatic where to have a theme, three things jumped out at me this year: Death, Tits, and Robots. Nudity and skulls almost seem to be a prerequisite in any large art exhibition. Robots … that is something I wasn’t expecting and wonder if it is our modern day equivalent to the prevalence believe in gremlins that occurred during World War II.

Those themes aside, if you get the opportunity to go to Artomatic I advise you to do just that. There is more than enough to interest, delight, and contemplate. Some work is more traditional, but most is in the contemporary vein. There is also a lot of photography with varying degrees of artistry.

I’m including some images below to give a better idea of what you can expect, and of course, you can always check out the Artomatic Web site.
Artomatic 2009
Artomatic 2009
Artomatic 2009


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