New Sheriff in the 3RD District, PSA302

3RD District (MPD)Here is some news that should interest anyone in Park View and Northern Columbia Heights. Inspector Edward Delgado has been replaced by Inspector Jacob Kishter, who will be taking over command of the Third District Sub-Station (PSA 302).

Inspector Kishter has been on the Department for 19 years and has served in a variety of different units. As a result, he is a well rounded leader who will use his experience to enhance police service in the Third District.

His past assignments include Patrol, Vice, Internal Affairs, Forensic
Science, and Police Communications.


3 Responses to “New Sheriff in the 3RD District, PSA302”

  1. John Siecops Says:

    Have you seen this article in the Examiner?

    It looks like Inspector Kishter has some skeletons in the closet MPD may be trying to keep the closet closed on. Can you also report on why Inspector Delgado was moved? And where did that Officer Tubbs finally get sent to after he put his hands on the wrong woman, after how many women he’d already pawed in the “execution of his duties.” Of course, the overwhelming majority of MPD is honest and hardworking, but the rotten apples spoil it for the good ones. This stinks of another “personnel move that the public is not entitled to know about”.

    Police corruption will reach the light of day, It’ll keep stinking til it’s removed.

  2. Thank you for sharing that. I hadn’t read it yet and its certainly relevant. I don’t have a lot of details on why or where Delgado went and am still trying to find out some of the details.

  3. […] after having served as the number two officer in MPD’s internal affairs bureau. He has 19 years with […]

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