Following the Progress of the New Hampshire Ave. Medians

Wayan Vota writes: Looking at the new medians going in on New Hampshire Avenue, I see a small problem — the contractor is not digging down to dirt and he’s leaving piles of concrete like this one which will kill anything planted nearby.Nasty Surprise in NH Ave Medians


4 Responses to “Following the Progress of the New Hampshire Ave. Medians”

  1. Good point on the leaving debris in the dirt, which is not good.

  2. Wayan – send it along to DDOT!

  3. Sent to the DDOT already. Hopefully they’ll talk with the contractor

  4. Karuna Says:

    This same median work on Sherman Ave. was the dumbest idea ever. So was taking away 1 traffic lane for parking. This does nothing to solve our traffic woes. Now I’m STUCK behind cars turning left. Regarding the shrubs planted in garden beds along the sidewalk before you reach Fla. Ave: Did anyone consider how someone’s supposed to exit the passenger side door when the plants grow bigger? Dumb-dumb-dumb all around.

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