Facadomy in Park View?

Facadomy in Park ViewI was really surprised to stumble upon this project in southern Park View. Located on the 500 block of Irving, NW, its essentially … just a free standing facade, or what I generally call a facadomy (facade + otomy (medical procedure)).

I know this happens in historic districts, but to the best of my knowledge, that wouldn’t be the case here. It also doesn’t strike me as being anything overly special that couldn’t be recreated if that were the goal.

The only thing I can possibly reason would be that it was somehow easier to get the project through DCRA by doing this, but then again, it doesn’t seem to be an active construction site anymore.

Facadomy in Park View

Facadomy in Park View


2 Responses to “Facadomy in Park View?”

  1. chris d Says:

    Ive lived across the street from this house for two years and its been like this since before I moved in… they put up the diagonal supports relatively recently though

  2. Chris d, do you know what the story is?

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