Fashion Alert: Dandy Seen on Metro

I’m happy to report that I’ve seen my first Dandy of the season. I was almost beginning to think the art of foppery had died.

Yesterday, while ridding the Metro to work, which in and of itself is and interesting location for a Dandy if you think about it, there he was … a young gentleman probably no older than his mid- to late-twenties, but certainly no older than thirty-two.

Tall, slender, and svelte, he was clean shaven with a head of rich auburn hair cut similarly to Mick Jagger. Wearing tan trousers, dark brown leather shoes and a belt, he topped it off with a checked shirt of pastel robin egg blue and lime green.

Upon this rather mild backdrop he added a solid lime green tie, accentuating the green of the shirt. He carried this further by having a matching pocket handkerchief that was flowing out of  the breast pocket of the midnight blue denim jacket he wore. The jacket had a cut reminiscent of a frock coat, including cuffs that flared slightly and decorated with three brass buttons each.

Perhaps the most important thing he wore was his air of self confidence. He certainly didn’t think twice about using the Metro door as a mirror when his meticulously manicured fingers fussed with his pocket handkerchief in an attempt to get it just so.


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